Changed my passwords on Facebook and tumblr to random letters 

Everyone irl is telling me to get my tongue pierced  


except my fam obv I’m not gonna tell them until after I get it done but fdjisoapfew I think I’m gonna do it.

Unless you’re going to be sucking a lot of dick, there’s no reason to do it. I think it looks extremely trashy.

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Oh these times are hard. Yeah they’re making us crazy don’t give up on me baby…

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I never, ever, ever in a million years thought this beautiful face was behind this character. I’m almost certain I am in love.

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You know your depressed when 

  • My mom: I'll give you gas money and spending money to get you out of the house.
  • Me: I'm tired, go away.

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I’m not even low blowing calm ur tits 


All I said was the truth and nothing but the truth *gets down on knees and prays*

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